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Helen Harper


Helen was born into a family of pet owners.   Having always owned a dog, right from being small.  Her first recollection of a pet was that of the family Cairn terrier-who lived to the grand old age of 15 years.  Although it wasn’t just dogs that the family enjoyed.  Mice, hamsters and a tortoise all became part of the family and in later years, tropical and marine fish, and a small aviary containing Finches, Cordon Bleus, Love Birds and Cockatiels.


Family life continued with a deep love of all things animal - with dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs and cockatiels becoming an integral part of the family, meaning that Helen has known from an early age just what a family pet actually means within the structure of a unit.  They can be the most important part of someone’s life and their health and wellbeing is paramount.


She has had a varied career, having spent 11 years working with the West Yorkshire Police in a very busy and often chaotic control room and more recently within sales teams and administration, she has good communication and customer service skills and is extremely patient, she isn’t easily flustered when put in difficult situations. This approach to her day to day life ensures that animals are put at ease.


She feels that keeping to a routine is important as animals become wary of change often becoming anxious and stressed.  Helen offers a tailored professional service to the client’s needs which enable the welfare of the pet to remain a priority and allows the family to continue with their normal day to day life with as little worry as possible.








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