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By Paul Swift, Jul 16 2014 06:15PM

Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Small Animal Boarding and Microchipping.

Address: 7 Harrop Terrace, Morley, Leeds, LS27 0EA

Mob: 07914 873764

Email: helen@leedspetsitters.co.uk

Website: http://www.leedspetsitters.co.uk

Head Office Website: http://www.gbpetsitters.co.uk

Issue Date: May 2014


Experienced animal enthusiast Helen Harper is enjoying a successful start to her new venture – Leeds Pet Sitters. The business has been established to care for pets whilst owners are away on holiday or out at work.

Leeds Pet Sitters are well aware of the difficulties associated with combining full-time work (including long or unusual hours), holidays, short breaks or illness with a caring and professional solution for your pets. Busy work schedules can leave a pet on their own for considerable periods of the day, without the necessary food, water replenishment, exercise, companionship and opportunity to go to the toilet.

The range of services offered includes dog walking, microchipping, puppy sitting, cat visits and small animal care. It covers South Leeds and the neighbouring areas.

All domestic pets, from dogs and cats to guinea pigs and parrots, are taken care of by the professional, experienced team. The animals are visited each day in their own homes, offering a much preferred alternative to boarding accommodation or relying on family and friends.

Helen says of her experience;

“My background mainly involved working with the West Yorkshire Police in a very busy and often chaotic control room, however, after being born in to a family of pet lovers, I always wanted the opportunity to work with animals in a professional capacity.

I’ve always owned a dog, right from being a small child. My first recollection of a pet was that of the family Cairn terrier, who lived to the grand old age of 15 years. It wasn’t just dogs that we enjoyed. Mice, hamsters and a tortoise all became part of the family and in later years, tropical and marine fish, and a small aviary containing Finches, Cordon Bleus, Love Birds and Cockatiels. We also kept hamsters and guinea pigs.

Working with animals is a privilege and I can assure that as well as offering a professional service, animal welfare is my priority.”

For more information please contact us on 07914 873764 or visit our website: www.leedspetsitters.co.uk


Issued by: Helen Harper, Franchisee – Leeds Pet Sitters

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